Mediterranean Network for Training Orientation to Regular Migration (MENTOR)

  • Country of destination: Italy (Turin and Milan)
  • Country of origin: Morocco and Tunisia
  • Skill level: High
  • Timeline: July 1, 2017 - October 31, 2018
  • Number of beneficiaries: 30


MENTOR was a European program coordinated by the Municipality of Milan that sought to offer young people from the Mediterranean with opportunities to develop professional and entrepreneurial skills in Italy in order to contribute to local development upon their return.

Why was it started?

The program had two main goals: to enhance participants’ competencies, in order to promote temporary and circular migration, and to increase labor market access for young Tunisians and Moroccans in their country of origin.

How did it work?

After identifying stakeholders interested in the project, the program matched interns and companies. Before coming to Italy, participants received training in Italian, civics, and work culture. They then spent three months interning in Milan or Turin. During their internships, participants received mentoring and personalized support from the MENTOR team. Employers received funding for interns’ accommodations, travel, and other expenses. Following completion of the internship, participants were offered support in finding jobs in their country of origin.

What impact did it have?

According to the program evaluation, published at the beginning of 2019, the program created a solid public-private cooperation network, which made the internships possible. Mentors played a key role, enhancing migrants’ integration in Italy. All participants were able to express themselves in Italian. However, the evaluation concluded that the internship was too short for many participants. It also noted the importance of making sure that employers are aware of the cultural diversity of participants, so that migrants do not face cultural barriers.